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    Visit the store at
    Feldstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich Switzerland
    Wed - Fr: 12 - 6.30 pm
    Sat: 11 - 5 pm

    Heavy Weight Music is an independent record store based in Zurich, Switzerland. We trade online and in our store at Feldstrasse 119 in Zurich. We get weekly shipments and sell the most current releases on vinyl from suppliers throughout Europe, Australia & USA, as well as back catalogue classic albums & we also BUY and SELL second hand records. We ship worldwide. from Zurich, Switzerland. Get in touch for any inquiries.


    Heavy Weight Music is a Record Store shipping Vinyl Records from Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2017, Heavy Weight Music was initially my side-project to earn some extra money selling vinyl records out of my personal collection when my daughter was born. Having worked at the largest (best!) Independent Record Store in Sydney, Red Eye Records, and with a move to Zurich, Switzerland fast approaching, i had to figure something out. Selling vinyl is what i know, so i figured selling vinyl records as as a serious trader on my own is what i should do, or at the very least, have a go at it to see what happens.

    Fast forward to February 2019 and here i am in Zurich, Switzerland, selling vinyl records as a sole trader. Wild.

    Covering most genres, i specialise in (but am not limited to) Hip-Hop, Pop/Rock, Punk/Hardcore, Electronica, Funk & Heavy Metal.

    Having suppliers from the USA, UK & Europe, as well as keeping my contacts at various record labels in Australia, I have access to the newest releases, back catalogues and re-issues of any artist you can think of at the best prices in Europe, plus a huge selection of second hand vinyl. I also buy vinyl collections privately from people, so if you want to sell your old records or get a quote, get in touch at the e-mail address provided. I also specialise in sourcing records for people via their want-lists they provide, so if there's a vinyl rarity or out of print vinyl you are after, let me see what i can do about getting it for you.

    Vinyl is back, and in the collectors scene, it never really went away, so if you are a seasoned record collector or new to the vinyl lifestyle, look no further than the Aussie Ausländer flipping records in Zurich, Switzerland.